ZWO 2" M42 Filter Drawer - FD-M42-II

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This ZWO filter drawer accepts 2" threaded filters and has M42 threads.  The 2" filter drawer features a design that guards against light leak when taking long exposures.

Magnets are used too keep the filter drawer closed, and a lock screw on the side near the knurled knob of the drawer allows you to adjust the tension of the holder to eliminate gaps. A M48 to M42 adapter is included in the box.

Diameter:  70 mm

Thickness:  21 mm

External Threads:  M42x0.75 Male for Camera Side

Internal Threads:  M48 x 0.75 Female thread for Telescope Side

Compatibility:   2" astronomical filters with APS-C cameras.  Use the M54 Filter Drawer (sold separately) for full frame cameras.

The proper filter holder for this drawer is the F-HLDR-DSLR.