William Optics RedCat 51 Petzval APO Telescope - WIL-L-RC51II (Version II)

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William Optics RedCat 51 Petzval APO Telescope

  • 51 mm Aperture f/4.9 Imaging Refractor Telescope
  • FPL-53 glass for color free Apochromatic performance
  • Petzval Design, 4-Elements in 3 Groups
  • Covers full frame imaging circle (44 mm)
  • Calibrated Helical Focuser
  • Colors: Red with Black accent colors
  • Includes One Mounting ring and Vixen style dovetail
  • Dovetail is dual type - flip over to get Arca Swiss plate
  • Weight: 1.47 kg
  • Includes Interchangable Camera Mount
  • Includes Dust Cover with built-in Bahtinov Mask
  • Invertable Sun Shade/Dew Shield

The William Optics RedCat 51 APO Telescope is a high quality Apochromatic Imaging optical telescope with an aperture of 51 mm and a focal length of 250 mm or an f-ratio of f/4.9. No Reducer/Flattener is ever required with this telescope, because of its Petzval optical design. This RedCat 51 APO Telescope can also be used as a super telephoto lens on Full Frame or APS-C cameras and has an interchangable camera mounting.

If you wish to take great astro-images with a high quality APO refractor, this William Optics RedCat 51 APO Telescope is a good way to obtain your goal. Its FPL-53 glass Petzval APO design provides images with extreme sharpness, clear details, great color, with APO grade color correction. And with a very compact, short, light-weight system. The optical design of this telescope is a 4-Element (3 Groups) Petzal system using FPL-53 Synthetic Fluorite glass for extra low dispersion and results in a flat-field, APO corrected telescope and telephoto lens (however, with no internal iris aperture). Also incorporates a 48 mm filter slot in the rotator.

From the outset, the design goal at William Optics was to create the best possible design for an affordable high performance, small, light-weight, and fast apochromatic refractor for astrophotography purposes. This unique optical design also results in an amazing performer for shooting nature and wildlife subjects in the field with your full-frame camera. The result is this William Optics RedCat 51 Petzval APO Telescope, with 51 mm aperture, and exceptional optical performance at a fast f/4.9 focal ratio. William Optics calls this "The World's Sharpest 250 mm Telescope".

Includes an interchangable camera mount, dual spec Mounting Base, field rotator for proper framing adjustments, 48 mm filter slot, modular mounting options, and this little gem of a telescope is small and easy to store or transport anywhere.

Introducing a first innovative feature in the industry: Now this RedCat 51 APO Telescope from William Optics comes standard with a dust cover that has a built-in, clear Bahtinov Mask for perfect focusing every time. Simply remove the flat front cover plate, leaving the dust cover cuff in place on the telescope. Point the telescope at a bright star, and focus carefully. When the bright central diffraction spike looks exactly centered between the other two spikes forming an "X", then your telescope is in exact focus for stars. Remove the dust cover cuff carefully from the objective end of the telescope, and you are ready to image.


Product Number: L-RC51lx
Telescope Type: Petzval Apochromatic Refractor (Fast System)
Objective Aperture: 51 mm
Focal Length: 250 mm
Focal Ratio: f/4.9
Focuser: Calibrated Helical Focuser
Camera Format: Full Frame/APS-C Image Compatible
Tube Color: Red w/Black Accents
Tube Length: 225 mm (Fully Retracted)
Tube Weight: 1.47 kg
T-Mount: Interchangable T-Mount Style for Compatibility
T-Rings: None, T-Rings are available as optional accessories