Kowa TSN-773 Prominar XD 77mm Angled Spotting Scope - TSN-773

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About the Kowa TSN-773 77mm Angled Spotting Scope...

The Kowa TSN-773 Prominar XD 77mm Spotting Scope with Angled Viewing is a scope of world-class caliber that redefines the standards of color brilliance, detail sharpness and edge-to-edge brightness. Logically tailored to the most demanding outdoor enthusiast, every technical and ergonomic detail that went into the development of the TSN-770 & 880 series Kowa Spotting Scope has been examined, perfected or completely reinvented.


The Kowa TSN-773 Prominar XD 77mm Spotting Scope uses an element of XD (extra-low dispersion) glass in its construction, which greatly minimizes chromatic aberration. This greatly enhances the clarity for crystal-clear images and high color accuracy. Use of Kowa's patented C3 multi-coated optics has made it possible to increase image brightness significantly over prior Kowa Spotting Scope generation models. The advanced lens system of these scopes achieve minimal to zero chromatic aberration even at higher magnifications with consistent high image brightness.


The housing of the Kowa TSN-773 Prominar XD 77mm Spotting Scope is made of magnesium alloy that is designed for maximum durability and lightweight body construction. The result is a compact, ergonomic, and functional design for the die-hard Kowa Spotting Scope enthusiast that wants only the very best.


A 77mm objective lens in a compact body. With the portability and compactness of a 60mm class scope and the optical performance of an 80mm class scope, this Kowa Spotting Scope model will satisfy both experienced users and beginners.


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Kowa TSN-773 77mm Angled Spotting Scope Features...


  • C3 Coating is a highly reflective multi-coating of dielectrics. This allows for a much higher reflectivity than with coatings of silver or optically-enhanced aluminum, offering a reflectance of 99% or higher across the entire visible spectrum. Not only does this provide bright and sharp images, but accurate color reproduction is also achieved.



  • The eyepiece locking mechanism secures the eyepiece to the scope body and prevents it from getting lost or falling off suddenly.



  • The innovative inner focus system decreases image movement when focusing on objects, even single handed. The focus system has the ability to focus from 16.4' (5m) to infinity in two quick revolutions of the focus knob ensuring consistent viewing.



  • The waterproof housing meets the rigorous standards of JIS Protection Class 7; they are also charged with dry nitrogen gas to prevent fogging.



  • Multiple interchangeable (and optional) eyepieces available including 20x-60x Zoom, 30x Wide, and 25x LER for total versatility in the field. Eyepiece locking mechanism prevents the eyepiece from falling out or getting lost. Converters allow users to utilize eyepieces from other Kowa spotting scope series.



  • Quick-aiming sightline aids in object locating.



  • Sliding sun shade shields unnecessary light and raindrops while providing protection for the front element (which has an 82mm filter thread).



  • The addition of a brass insert to the tripod mount of the scope allows the scope to be secured to both 1/4 and 3/8 inch mount tripods.



  • Adaptable to 35mm SLR cameras, digital cameras, and video cameras with optional accessories.



Kowa TSN-773 77mm Angled Spotting Scope Specifications...

Model: TSN-773 / Angled

Objective Lens Diameter: 77mm

Lens Type: XD Lens

Minimum Focusing Distance: 5m (16.4feet)

Length: 318mm (12.5in)

Weight: 1330g (46.9oz)

Filter Diameter: 82mm

Kowa Product Number: TSN-773


Customer Note: Eyepieces are not included.