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Tripod / Mount Head [TH3010]

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About the AstroTrac Tripod / Mount Head...

Machined from superior quality aerospace alloy, the AstroTrac Tripod/Mount Head has a satiny smooth look with excellent, long lasting performance. AstroTrac offers a long wearing and precision product.


The AstroTrac TH3010 Tripod/Mount Head is a versatile accessory can attach either to a standard camera tripod with a 3/8" adapter screw or to your AstroTrac 320 Guider. The top of this smooth moving head will adapt to a wide variety of adapter and dovetail plates, including the most popular Losmandy and Vixen quick release dove tails. Combined with the optional stainless steel counterweight bar and two sizes of counterweights, you'''ll everything you need to keep your system in balance and smoothly tracking your targets.


Not only is the AstroTrac TH3010 Tripod/Mount Head good looking but it'''s strong as well! The TH3010 head will carry up to 10 times its weight- that'''s about twenty pounds!- and still maintain its position for precision you can rely on.



AstroTrac Tripod / Mount Head Features...


  • The AstroTrac TH3010 Head is an ultra compact and super smooth motion tripod head.



  • Attach your telescope easily with most standard adapter or dove tail plates including popular Losmandy and Vixen styles with two metric 6 mm threaded holes at 35 mm center.



  • The AstroTrac TH3010 Head can be mounted directly to the AT320 (all models) guider, or any camera tripod with a 3/8" adapter screw.



  • Carries up to 10x its own weight - up to 20 lbs.!



AstroTrac Tripod / Mount Head Specifications...

Head Design: Gear Head

Warranty: 1 Year Warranty

Photo Tripod Thread Size: 3/8"

Weight Capacity: Approximately 20 lbs.

Weight of Head: Approximately 2 lbs.

AstroTrac Product Number: TH3010