StabilEyes 16x32 VR Binoculars - Roof [8214]

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About the Nikon StabilEyes 16x32 Binoculars...

Are you looking for a pair of Nikon Binoculars that takes away the "un-steadiness" which heavier conventional models can sometimes cause? Do you want steady binoculars for use when boating, watching nature studies, hunting, birding, or taking to sporting events? Then you need to check out the Nikon StabilEyes Binoculars...


How do Nikon Binoculars StabilEyes work? The face of the internal erecting prism shifts direction, thereby redirecting the light beam and stabilizing the image. When there is no vibration and the binoculars are parallel to the line connecting the viewer''s eye to the subject being viewed (a), the prism transmits the light straight through. When there is vibration and the binoculars are not properly aligned (b), as long as the prism is not moved the light beam will be transmitted to the viewer''s eye. This example illustrates rotation on the horizontal axis. The Nikon StabilEyes Binoculars prisms feature a gimbaled frame controlled by two piezoelectric sensors and two direct drive motors to ensure constant stability.



Nikon StabilEyes 16x32 Binoculars Features...


  • For nature study


  • For watching sports events


  • From a helicopter


  • For observing wild animals from a moving vehicle


  • For fishing or other marine activities


  • Slide and Lock Eyecups


  • Exclusive VR Pause feature allows comfortable viewing of fast-moving objects


  • Waterproof/Fogproof


  • Quick, central focusing


  • Operates on AA batteries


  • Phase-correction coated


  • Long eye relief for eyeglass wearers



Nikon StabilEyes 16x32 Binoculars Specifications...

Aperture: 32mm

Magnification: 16 times, Image Stabilized

Close Focus: 11.5 feet

Dimensions: 7.1 by 5.6 inches

Exit Pupil: 2mm

Eye Relief: 15mm

Field of View: 198 feet at 1000 yards distance (60 metres at 914 metres distance)

Focus Type: Center Focus

Objective Diameter: 32mm

Weight: 39.5 ounces

Nikon Product Number: 8214