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Vixen Polarie Polar Meter - 35511

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About the Vixen Polarie Polar Meter...

Using the Vixen Polaire Polar Meter is as easy as one, two, three! Just set the altitude scale to your location and point the Polar Meter toward North. Now, level the meter so that the bubble is centered. Polaris is viewed through Polarie's Polar viewer. You'''re good to go!



Vixen Polarie Polar Meter Features...


  • Designed specifically for use with the Vixen Polaire Camera Tracker



  • Precision gearing and clearly marked scales



  • Gives you perfect polar alignment



  • Built-in oil fluid compass and bubble level



  • Easy to use!



Vixen Polarie Polar Meter Specifications...

Equipment Type: Polar Alignment Meter

Compass Type: Oil Fluid compass

Azimuth Scale: 1 degree increments

Point of Direction: Marked with luminous paint

Altitude Scale: 5 degree increments (within +/- 70 deg)

Level: Built in bubble level

Applicabale: Any instrument with a camera accessory shoe. (Note: The camera accessory shoe must be aligned parallel to the optical axis of the camera lens.)

Vixen Optics Product Number: 35511


Shown mounted on optional Vixen Polaire Camera Tracker.
Vixen Polarie Polar Meter - 35511 for $77.69 at Khan Scope Centre