Sky-Watcher Microscope 1L - 60010

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About the Sky-Watcher Microscope 1L...

Whether using this SkyWatcher Microscope at home for high power microscopy inspection, in the classroom, or in a lab or for industrial use - the ordinary expectation turns into extraordinary when examining a slide specimen with a microscope. With the Sky-Watcher Microscope 1L you will be able to observe plant and animal parts, fibers, bacteria, yeasts and molds, cultures, circuit boards, etc.



Sky-Watcher Microscope 1L Features...


  • Mechanical tube length 160mm.



  • Monocular head, 45 degree inclined, 360 degree rotating.



  • Eyepiece WF10x18mm with pointer.



  • Triple nosepiece.



  • 4x/ 0.1, 10x/ 0.25, 40xs/ 0.65 190mm achromatic objective.



  • 0.65 single lens condenser and disc diaphragm.



  • Built-in electrical illuminator 230v/ 115v, 20w tungsten bulb.



Sky-Watcher Microscope 1L Specifications...

Head Type: Monocular

Objective Size: 190mm

Fixed Angle: 45 degrees

Rotation: 365 degree

Magnification: 4x/ 0.1, 10x/ 0.25, 40xs/ 0.65

Illumination: 230v/ 115v, 20w tungsten bulb

Stage: Mechanical

Eyepiece: WF10x18mm

SkyWatcher Product Number: 60010