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  • SKU MEA-607002

Meade WA Aspheric Eyepiece Set

  • Includes 4 mm, 10 mm, & 23 mm Aspheric Wide Angle Eyepieces
  • Standard 1.25" Barrel Size to Accommodate Most Telescopes
  • Fully-Coated Optics for Spectacular Image Contrast and Brightness
  • Generous 62-degree Apparent Field of View; Wide-Angle Type
  • Includes Storage Box to Protect Your Eyepiece When Not In Use

Meade's WA (Wide-angle Aspheric) Eyepiece Starter Set includes 4 mm, 10 mm, & 23 mm focal length Aspheric Eyepieces with a standard 1.25" barrel size to accommodate most telescopes. Each of these eyepieces provides a generous 62-degree apparent field of view, perfect for viewing large night sky objects. Great for seeing lunar and planetary details, along with deep-sky targets such as star clusters and nebulae.

Features fully-coated optics to produce enhanced image contrast and brightness. If you're looking for an affordable way to enhance your observing experience, these eyepieces will not disappoint. Meade's WA Eyepiece Starter Set also includes a padded storage box to protect your eyepieces when not in use.

Hey, this is a great set of useful eyepieces for the beginner in astronomy, but also for the experienced astronomer as well. Quality, wide-field performance, and a nice spread of focal lengths in an economical set from Meade.

These three Meade WA Aspheric Eyepieces in this Set provide comfortable eye relief performance too. The 4 mm f.l. has 9 mm eye relief, the 10 mm has 9.2 mm, and the 23 mm focal length has a 16 mm eye relief. Comfortable even if you wear glasses. And, they are all parfocal.


Barrel Size 1.25"
Apparent FOV 62°
Eye Relief 4 mm (9 mm), 10 mm (9.2 mm), 23 mm (16 mm)
# of Elements 4 mm (4), 10 mm (3), 23 mm (3)
Optical Coatings Fully Coated
Parfocal Yes
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