Meade LXPS 18 Portable Solar Charger - 606006

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  • SKU MEA-606006

Meade LXPS 18 Portable Solar Charger


  • Portable Solar-Cell-Power Charger Device
  • Designed for Outdoor Solar Use
  • Compatible with LXPS 18 Lithium Portable Power Supply
  • 4-Panel foldable design - (Generates up to 12.5 Watts per panel)
  • Maximum Power: 50 Watts

This is Meade's LXPS 18 Portable Solar Charger for the Meade LXPS 18 Lithium Power Supply – 50 W. This product is a 4-Panel Foldable & Lightweight Design Solar Cell charger, w/ Handle. You can use it to charge a telescope and other multiple devices as long as you are working out of doors with normal availability of solar energy.

This Meade LXPS 18 Portable Solar Charger will be a very useful and convenient way of charging your Meade LXPS 18 Lithium Power Supply – 50 Watts, (etc.) when you are out of doors with plenty of natural sunshine. Keep your battery charged to peak performance.

NOTE: This Meade LXPS 18 Portable Solar Charger is not a toy and is not intended for use by young children! If you allow a child to use or to assist in using this device, be sure to provide adult supervision while they are using it!

NOTE: Some photos show this product in use with a portable power battery, for illustration purposes only. This product is a portable solar cell charger, only, and it does NOT include any battery device.


Product SKU: 606006
Experience Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Designed Purpose: Solar Cell charger for battery or telescope/mount
Designed Compatibility: LXPS 18 Volt Lithium Power Supply
Activity: Astroimaging, Birdwatching, Camping, Day & Night, Hiking, Hunting, Observing, Solar Imaging, Solar Viewing, Spectating, Terrestrial, Travel
Maximum Power (Pmax): 50 Watts
Open-Circuit Voltage (VOC): 21.3 Volts DC
Voltage at Pmax (Vmp): 17.8 V
Short-Circuit Current (lsc): 3.03 A
Current at Pmax (Imp): 2.8 A
Cells Efficiency: 18.40%
Maximum System Voltage: 100 VDC (IEC)
Power Temperature Coefficient: -0.393%/ºC
Voltage Temperature Coefficient: -0.3%/ºC
Current Temperature Coefficient: 0.039%/ºC
Output Power Tolerance: ±3%
Cell Type: Monocrystalline