Meade LX70 Polar Scope - 670010

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Meade LX70 Polar Scope

This Meade LX70 Polar Scope is designed to attach within your LX70 Equatorial Mount and allows you to view the region around the celestial pole star. You will spend less time aligning and more time observing with your Meade LX70.

Threaded into the polar axis of the Meade LX70 German Equatorial mount, this handy accessory allows the user to quickly and precisely polar align their telescope. Compatible with both Northern and Southern Hemisphere operation the internal reticle pattern contains an image of easily identifiable stars near both poles to aid the alignment process.

A precise polar alignment is critical when performing astrophotography and key for ease in long duration study of night sky objects, making this LX70 Polar Scope by Meade an accessory which will quickly become a highly appreciated upgrade. Ideal for any observer who is demanding a precise polar alignment. Combined with the use of the LX70 Motor drive kit (sold separately) the full potential of the LX70 mount is immediately available.


Product Dimensions:         2.3" diameter x 5.45" long (58.4mm x 138.5mm L)

Compatibility:                    Scope fits inside the LX70 mount's polar axis