Meade 24 mm - 1.25" UHD Eyepiece - 607033

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Meade 24 mm - 1.25" UHD Eyepiece


  • Series 5000
  • Ultra High Definition (UHD)
  • Focal Length: 24 mm
  • Eye Relief: 29 mm
  • Apparent Field of View (AFOV): 65°
  • Barrel Size: 1.25"
  • Parfocal with others in same Series
  • Waterproof design eyepiece

This is a Meade Instruments Series 5000 Ultra High Definition (UHD) Eyepiece. This UHD Eyepiece from Meade Instruments has a focal length of 24 mm and a comfortable eye relief of 29 mm. It features an Apparent FOV of 65°. This high-quality eyepiece features a fully multi-coated optical design with premium-grade, exotic optical glass for the best possible image correction in color, contrast, and brightness. For additional contrast enhancement, the lens edges have been blackened to reduce spurious reflections, thus providing you with clearer, high contrast images. This UHD 24 mm eyepiece from Meade delivers a 40% improvement in corrections for chromatic aberration and edge distortions over the traditional Plössl design. This is a 1.25" barrel eyepiece.

The parfocal design of this Meade 24 mm 1.25" UHD Series 5000 eyepiece delivers performance with little-to-no focus change when switching between eyepieces. With a generous eye relief, you will enjoy a comfortable observing experience. UHD eyepieces are great to view celestial objects that require a wide field of view; for example, star clusters, and large deep-sky objects, such as galaxies and nebulae. The added benefit of having a waterproof design means your Meade 24 mm - 1.25" UHD Eyepiece will not suffer from fogging or other atmospheric elements and it is also easy to clean.


Series: Series 5000 - UHD Eyepiece
Focal Length: 24 mm
Barrel Size: 1.25"
Apparent FOV: 65º
Eye Relief: 29 mm
# of Elements: 8
Optical Coatings: Fully Multi-Coated
Blackened Edges: Yes
Parfocal: Yes
Product Weight: 437 g
Product Dimensions: 66 mm x 105 mm