Meade 14" or 16" Flexible Dew Shield for ACF or SCT Telescope - 608028

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Meade 14"-16" Flexible Dew Shield for ACF
or SCT Telescope

The Meade 14"-16" Flexible Dew Shield is designed to fit their 14" or their 16" Schmidt-Cassegrain (SCT) or ACF telescope. Helps to keep dew from forming on your corrector plate. Also reduces stray light problems.

The 14"-16" Meade Flexible Dew Shield is the optimal way to protect your Meade SCT or ACF corrector plate from dew and also unwanted light sources outside the telescope. The Meade flexible Dew Shield is easy to attach or remove from your telescope, and it is light weight for easy transportation. The Flexible Dew Shield from Meade is padded to protect your telescope's finish at the same time it provides ideal high-quality optics protection for your SCT or ACF telescope.

In addition to being a wonderful companion for star parties and any night time astro viewing activity with your telescope, this accessory helps keep the front corrector plate dry on those cold, but humid nights by retarding dew formation. The 14"-16" Flexible Dew Shield from Meade is also black flocked on the inside surface, thus protecting your image contrast by reducing any unwanted internal reflections before they get into your optics.

The Meade 14"-16" Flexible Dew Shield weighs only 1.5 lb, and it has dimensions of 15" x 57.1", and it is designed to fit either the Meade 14" or 16" telescope.

NOTE: The photos may show the Dew Shield installed on a telescope for illustration purposes, only. The telescope is NOT included with this product.


Model No: 608028
UPC: 709942100105
Weight: 1.5 lb
Dimensions: 15" x 57.1"