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MallinCam HDX2 Fan Kit - MA-13

Mallin Cam   ——   SKU: MAL-MA-13
$94.00 CAD
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MallinCam HDX2 Fan Kit

Keep your cool with the Mallincam HDX2 Fan Kit. This pair of cooling fans was designed to fit all MallinCam HDX2 products. They are idea for hot environoments and keep the CCD sensor and Peltier cooler stable.


MallinCam HDX2 Fan Kit Features:


  • Designed specifically for use with MallinCam HDX2



  • Fan pair comes with all essential wiring



  • Ideal for hot environments



  • Keeps your CCD sensor cool and the Peltier coolers stable



MallinCam HDX2 Fan Kit Specifications:

Product Type: Cooling Fans (2)

Application: MallinCam HDX2

MallinCam Product Number: MA-13