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Astrozap Light Shrouds for Meade LightBridge Dobsonians

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About the AstroZap Light Shroud
for Meade LightBridge Dobsonian...

You love your Meade LightBridge telescope, but what you don''t love is the stray light that can sometimes happen in the open truss-tube design dobsonian telescopes. You love the design and the portability - but what you don''t love is the way even the slightest amount of dust can gather on your precious mirror. Don''t worry... AstroZap Light Shrouds to the rescue!

Made from light weight breathable black fabric, the Astro Zap Light Shroud fits like a sleeve over your truss-tube telescope and secures easily with upper and lower drawstrings. You''ll appreciate the way the simple and easy design of the Astrozap Light Shroud blocks stray light, dust... and, yes... even dew... from your optics! Less light interference means more contrast on faint images and a great magnitude reach.

AstroZap Light Shroud Features...


  • Designed specifically for your telescope model.


  • The AstroZap Light Shroud shields your mirrors from stray and reflected light.


  • Lightweight, breathable black fabric.


  • Attach the AstroZap Light Shroud like sleeve with upper and lower draw strings.


  • Two ABS bands prevent the light shroud from obstructing the light path.


AstroZap Light Shroud for Meade LightBridge Dobsonian Specifications...

Equipment Type: Light Shroud

Application: Meade LightBridge

Color: Black

Material: Nylon/Cotton Blend

Closure: Drawstring

Washable: Yes