iOptron Polar Scope for iEQ30/45 - 3330-iEQ

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iOptron Polar Scope for iEQ30/45

This iOptron AccuAlignTM dark-field illuminated Polar Scope is designed for the iOptron iEQ30/45 mount. It can be used for the:

  • iEQ30
  • iEQ45
  • iEQ30 Pro
  • iEQ45 Pro

Eyepiece: Adjustable, for setting the reticle focus for the user's particular eye. The Objective Lens is adjustable, for focusing on the sky. The Locking Ring lets you lock the objective lens tube. It includes a Bubble Level, which is an easy indicator for polar scope dial position when they are aligned to each other. The Bubble Level Set Screws are M2 hex key set screws to secure the bubble level to the polar scope. The Reticle Adjustment Screws are M2 hex key set screws for positioning and holding the reticle in place. (Follow instructions for setting all the adjustments.)

This Polar Scope by iOptron lets you align your mount to the Celestial Pole for accurate tracking performance.