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High Resolution Astrophotography by Damian Peach - DVD [PEACH-DVD]

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About "High Resolution Astrophotography" by Damian Peach...

High Resolution Astrophotography is a new DVD release by award winning astrophotographer, Damian Peach. On this disk you'''ll find detailed guides on how to photograph the Sun, Moon and Planets - and how to really maximize the potential of your precious data.



"High Resolution Astrophotography" by Damian Peach Features...


  • Detailed discussions on how to choose the right telescope and camera



  • Autostakkert 2 and Registax processing tutorials for all the major planets



  • WINJUPOS image processing tutorials covering image de-rotation and animation



  • Adobe Photoshop processing tutorials



  • Detailed discussions on astronomical seeing and forecasting tools



  • Q&A Section - Your most popular questions answered



"High Resolution Astrophotography" by Damian Peach Specifications...

Format: DVD

# of Disks: 1

Length: 2.5 hours

Author: Damian Peach

Khan Library Number: PEACH-DVD