Fornax LighTrack II Travel Mount with Polar Scope & Wedge - LTII-PS-W

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Fornax LighTrack II Travel Mount for Astrophotography

  • This version of the Fornax LighTrack II Travel Mount comes with a sturdy FMW-200 Equatorial Wedge, the Sky-Watcher EQ5 polar scope and mount adapter, an autoguiding cable, and a car cigarette lighter plug 12v DC cable.  You will need to provide a sturdy tripod as well as a ball head to attach your camera to the LighTrack II. 

The amazing unguided tracking accuracy of the LighTrack II is in its own league. Capturing pin sharp stars at focal lengths of up to 300mm has never been easier, and at average DSLR exposures of 6 minutes or less!  

The LighTrack provides you with optimum tracking accuracy due to strict production tolerances and it is guaranteed to stay reliable for years to come. The peak-to-peak unguided tracking error of the LighTrack II is around 2 arcseconds, a significantly lower value than most other products feature. All LighTrack II units are individually calibrated at the factory, so you do not have to worry about the tracking rate. Measuring and adjusting the tracking rate is not an issue anymore, since this unit runs at just the right speed to prevent image trailing. 

The housing of the Fornax Light Track II is made of an extremely strong carbon composite that also happens to have a nice feel to it.  The rest of the body is made of high quality aluminum alloy that makes the whole construction robust but lightweight. The LightTrack II comes with a center positive, 12V DC connector, the same one used in most telescope mounts. A Mini USB port makes it possible to upgrade the firmware in the future. 

The included FMW-200 equatorial wedge attaches to your tripod and accepts the LighTrack II.  It has a bubble level and easy-to-use adjustment dials to move the wedge into the proper position.  It's sturdy build will also contribute to accurate tracking.  A retractable arm on the LighTrack II holds the included EQ5 polarscope so you'll be able to more easily polar align your system.

Fornax LighTrack II Specifications

Maximum Tracking Time:  ~2 hours

Periodic Error:  <+/- 1 arc (8 min)

Longest Focal Length Recommended:  300mm

Longest Exposure Duration Recommended:  6 minutes

Mount Load Capacity:  6 kg

Wedge Load Capacity:  10 kg

North/South Hemisphere Operation:  Yes

Tracking Speeds:  Sidereal, Solar, Lunar, Half

Autoguide Input:  Yes

Tripod Mount:  3/8" or 1/4" photo thread

Camera (Ballhead) Mount:  3/8" Photo Thread

Mount Dimensions:  280 x 140 x 80mm


Wedge Dimensions:  110 x 110 x 95mm

Mount Weight:  1.3 kg

Wedge Weight:  950 g