Explore Scientific Twilight II Alt-Azimuth Mount - MAZ-02P

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The Explore Scientific Twilight II Alt-Azimuth Dual Head Mount is all about more – more weight capacity, more stability, and more telescopes! Yes, you can ride two telescopes on this mount, and it handles them with ease. Set up one scope for visual use and the other for photography, or be the ultimate romantic and set up twin telescopes; one for you and one for your significant other! The Explore Scientific Twilight II Mount would also be a great solution if you are working a star party for outreach, and want to handle twice as many people at the eyepiece without the need to run back and forth between mounts. 

Large chrome knobs on the heavy-duty Twilight II mount head make it easy to adjust the clutch locks, even with gloves on. The tripod you'll get with the Twilight II mount has 2" steel chrome-plated adjustable legs. The spreader bar becomes securely seated against the tripod legs via a threaded bolt that makes its way through the center of the spreader bar and into the mount head itself. The weight capacity is approximately 60 pounds. 

Includes the Pier Extension! 

Explore Twilight II Mount Specifications

  • Minimum Height of Tripod without Head: 31.5"
  • Max Tripod Height without Head: 42.5"
  • Minimum Height of Tripod with Mount Head: 38.5"
  • Max Tripod Height with Mount Head: 50"
  • Minimum Height of Tripod with Head & Extension: 46"
  • Max Tripod Height with Head & Extension: 58"
  • Height of Tripod: 13.6 lb. / 6.2kg
  • Weight of Tripod and Head: 22.3 lb. / 10.1kg
  • Weight of Tripod, Head & Extension: 24.6 lb. / 11.2kg