Explore Scientific ED127 f/7.5 Air-Spaced Triplet Refractor - Carbon Fiber - EDT-127075-CF

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About the Explore Scientific ED127 f/7 Air-Spaced Triplet Refractor - Carbon Fiber...

Offering true diffraction-limited optics and designed with portability in mind, the Explore Scientific ED127CF Refractor Telescope is a perfect instrument for exploring the skies. This refracting Explore Scientific Telescope features an 127mm air-spaced, triplet objective lens with genuine HOYA ED glass that is truly apochromatic with our proprietary EMD coatings to produce images of such high contrast and sharpness that we welcome direct comparison to any other ED APO telescope in its class.

With the Explore Scientific ED127CF Refractor Telescope, you'll witness the magnificent desolation of the endless variations of the lunar terrain, the subtle olivine modulations and storms of Saturn and the serene structure of its ring system. Explore the broad range of celestial objects, including the deep sky treasures of the entire Messier and Herschel catalogues. A lightweight carbon fiber telescope tube eliminates focus change due to shrinking or expansion due to temperature changes and a retractable dew shield protects against moisture and stray light. The Explore Scientific Telescope also has a three-point push/pull collimation cell, a two-speed two-inch focuser and a precision-polished two-inch mirror diagonal that is 99% reflective.



Explore Scientific ED127 f/7 Air-Spaced Triplet Refractor - Carbon Fiber Features...


  • Lens is air-spaced with a middle element made of genuine HOYA FCD1 extra-low dispersion glass, and all air-to-glass surfaces have been multi-coated with Explore Scientific's proprietary EMD (Enhanced Multi-layered Deposition) coating


  • Sized to fit a vast range of eyepieces, the included diagonal has a precision-polished, two-inch mirror that is 99% reflective to transmit even more light


  • The emphasis on precision continues outside of the lens construction with the addition of a three-point collimation cell that allows for pinpoint adjustments of the objective lens


  • Beyond the optics, the ED127CF can list its carbon fiber housing among its many assets. In addition to being lightweight, the material prevents unintended focus changes from the tube shrinking or expanding due to temperature fluctuations, which can be crucial to maintaining a continuous clear image during a long night of astrophotography or observation


  • For added versatility, the telescope comes with two extension tubes, has a vixen-style mounting plate and is equipped to fit both European- and American-style tripod threads


  • With its 127mm triplet objective lens, the refracting telescope uses true diffraction-limited, apochromatic optics


  • The two-inch focuser has two-speed control, and multiple set screws are in place to lock all elements


Explore Scientific ED127 f/7.5 Air-Spaced Triplet Refractor - Carbon Fiber Specifications...

Focal Length: 952mm

Resolving Power: 0.91 arcsec

Focal Ratio: f/7.5

Coatings: EMD

Limiting Stellar Magnitude: 13

Focuser: 2-Speed

Dimensions: L=990.6mm x W=139.7mm

Weight: 5 kg; 11 lb

Explore Scientific Product Number: EDT-127075-CF-01