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Digiscoping Bracket DSB-N1 for Nikon 1 Series [8271]

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About the Nikon Digiscoping Bracket DSB-N1 for Nikon 1 Series...

Connect to a Nikon Digital Camera for outstanding closeup images...


Think back, over the years, to all of the fascinating birds, animals and plants you''ve had the opportunity to observe with your Nikon Spotting Scope. Imagine if you were able to capture these glimpses of nature as permanent images to share with your family, friends and associates around the world. Stunning shots of birds and other wildlife in their pristine natural habitats. Transforming isolated moments into precious and lasting works of art. With the Nikon Digiscoping System, you can now connect your Nikon Spotting Scope to a Nikon Digital Camera to create incredible closeup images of birds, animals and other difficult-to-approach subjects. The result is easy supertelephoto shots, eliminating the need to purchase special interchangeable telephoto lenses. It''s a convenient, affordable way to make dazzling supertelephoto digital images a vital part of your life.



Nikon Digiscoping Bracket DSB-N1 for Nikon 1 Series Features...


  • Bracket for digiscoping which connects a Nikon 1 camera with a 1 NIKKOR lens and Nikon Fieldscope with an eyepiece, enabling super-telephoto shooting



  • Includes a cable release (approx. 50cm) to prevent camera shake when shooting; the cable release socket is attached to the Bracket



  • Includes a light-shielding rubber sheet to prevent external light from entering




Depending on the type of camera and eyepiece, vignetting and shadows may occur


Carefully adjust the optical axis so that vignetting and shadows are minimized. Vignetting and shadows may not completely disappear.


Noise in the form of lines may appear in pictures depending on the shooting condition


Because the optical system characteristics differ from those of ordinary interchangeable lenses, the exposure level may vary depending on the camera model; use exposure compensation if necessary. Exposure compensation may be required when zoom is set at a wider position.


When replacing batteries or recording media, the camera may or may not need to be removed from the connected equipment depending on the camera


If you notice external light on the LCD monitor or taken image, use the supplied light shielding rubber sheet or a black cloth to prevent light entering between the mount and lens attached to the camera



Nikon Digiscoping Bracket DSB-N1 for Nikon 1 Series Specifications...

Dimensions (without projections) (when configured at its minimum size): 101 (W) x 106 (H) x 127 (D) mm

Weight (without accessories): 270g

Nikon Product Number: 8271


Compatible cameras (as of April, 2014)


Nikon 1 Advanced Camera with Interchangeable Lenses V3, V2, V1, J4, J3, J2, J1, S1


Compatible 1 NIKKOR Lenses (as of April, 2014)


1 NIKKOR VR 10-30mm f/3.5-5.6

1 NIKKOR VR 11-27.5mm f/3.5-5.6

1 NIKKOR 18.5mm f/1.8

1 NIKKOR VR 10-30mm f/3.5-5.6 PD-ZOOM


Compatible Fieldscopes


EDG Fieldscope: 85 VR/85-A VR/85/85-A/65/65-A

MONARCH Fieldscope: 82/82-A/60/60-A

Fieldscope: ED82/82-A/EDIII/EDIII-A/III/III-A/ED50/ ED50-A


Compatible eyepieces


FEP Series for EDG Fieldscopes: FEP-20W, FEP-30W, FEP-38W, FEP-50W, FEP-75W, FEP-25LER

NEP Series for MONARCH Fieldscopes: NEP-38W, NEP-20-60, NEP-30-60W

Wide DS Fieldscope eyepieces: 16x/24x/30x Wide DS, 27x/40x/50x Wide DS, 40x/60x/75x Wide DS


Note: Camera, scope and mount are sold separately.
Digiscoping Bracket DSB-N1 for Nikon 1 Series [8271] for $255.00 at Khan Scope Centre