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Counterweight Shaft - Stainless Steel [CWBARL]

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$85.00 CAD
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About the AstroTrac Counterweight Shaft - Stainless Steel...

The AstroTrac Counterweight Shaft attaches to the TH3010 head. Made of precision machined stainless steel for long wearing durability. Compatible with AstroTrac'''s small and large counterweights.



AstroTrac Counterweight Shaft - Stainless Steel Features...


  • Crafted from stainless steel for lasting durability and good looks



  • Attaches to the TH3010 head



  • Compatible with both large and small counterweights



AstroTrac Counterweight Shaft - Stainless Steel Specifications...

Equiment Type: Counterweight Shaft

Application: TH3010 AstroTrac Head

Weights: both large and small

AstroTrac Product Number: CWBARL