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Coronado 70 SolarMax III Double Stacked Solar Telescope - 10 mm Blocking Filter

This Coronado 70 mm SolarMax III Double Stacked H-Alpha Solar Telescope is the latest addition to the famous Coronado SolarMax line-up! The 70 mm refractor has a 400 mm focal length, or f/5.7. It's equipped with two 60 mm external H-alpha etalons, which yields higher contrast, sharper images than a scope using an internal and external etalon filter. That external etalon is complemented by a 10 mm blocking filter permanently incorporated in a 1.25" star diagonal. Together, the two tunable external etalons and blocking filter yield a bandwidth of < 0.5 Angstrom which provides an optimum visual balance of solar prominence and surface detail. Experience a < 0.5 Angstrom bandwidth with the double-stack version of the Coronado 70 mm SolarMax III Hydrogen-Alpha Solar Telescope! This narrow one-half Angstrom line width is what you need to see solar details and active regions in the H-alpha emission line, at the highest contrast, the way professional solar physicists see them.

Another great feature of the double-stacked Coronado 70 SolarMax III is the ability to view not only in the < 0.5A line but in the < 0.7A wider line, as well! To use this feature, you remove the first etalon (that's the one attached to the telescope OTA) and then replace it with the second etalon for < 0.7A viewing. In fact, you can remove both etalons and turn your SolarMax III into a very nice, fast f/number night-time telescope!

You tune the etalon with Coronado's patented RichView Tuning and T-Max Tuner. The revolutionary RichView™ tuning method allows you to zero in on the most precise wavelength of light for each area on either side of the hydrogen-alpha (Ha) band. The second etalon is tuned using the T-Max tilting mechanism. You will see the highest contrast views of active regions, flares, filaments, and other features on the Sun's surface. With RichView you can also retune the SolarMax III quickly and easily for spectacular images of prominences on the solar limb. This wide range of tuning accuracy in the SolarMax III from Coronado makes it an industry leader.

The SolarMax III includes a 2" rack and pinion (R&P) focuser that has dual-speed 10:1 fine focusing. The coarse and fine focus adjustments will be appreciated when you are looking for that fine detail of events occurring on the Sun.

You will stand out from the rest at your solar observing gathering. The Coronado 70 mm SolarMax III H-Alpha Solar Telescope is not only a fine optical instrument to look through, but is also impressive to look at! The polished brass and black anodized components provide a nice contrast, so this telescope has a beautiful, classy look you will appreciate every time you use this scope.

You can mount the 70 mm SolarMax III Solar Telescope by Coronado on any sturdy mount that accepts a Vixen-Style dovetail. Coronado sells a matching alt-azimuth mount and tripod that would work well for visual observing, since this solar telescope only weighs 7.6 pounds. (For doing solar photography, a more substantial mount would be helpful.)

Coronado 70 SolarMax III Double Stacked Solar Telescope Features:

  • Coronado SolarMax III 70 Double Stacked Solar Telescope
  • Coronado 10 mm Blocking Filter
  • Coronado Mounting Rings with Vixen-Style Dovetail Rail
  • Coronado Cemax 18 mm Eyepiece
  • Coronado Sol Ranger Solar Finder
  • Coronado Hard Carrying Case
  • Coronado Five-Year Warranty

SolarMax 70 III Double Stacked Specifications:

Optical Tube: 70 mm Achromatic Refractor
Focal Length: 400 mm
Focal Ratio: f/5.7
Optical Coatings: Fully Multi-Coated
Solar Filter: 60 mm External H-Alpha Etalon
Double Stack Solar Filter: 60 mm External H-Alpha Etalon
Tuning: RichView Tuning & T-Max Tuner
Bandwidth: < 0.5 Angstrom
Thermal Stability: 0.005 Angstrom/C°
Blocking Filter Diagonal: 10 mm
Blocking: Full blocking > 10-5 from EUV to far IR
Eyepiece: 18 mm Cemax, 1.25" barrel
Solar Viewfinder: Sol Ranger
Focuser: 2" Dual Speed Rack & Pinion W/ 10:1 Fine Focus
Dovetail Rail: Vixen-type
Hard Carry Case: Included
Dimensions: 19.3" L x 5.9" W x 5.5" H
Weight: 9.3 lb
Warranty: Five-Year