Tele Vue BIG Paracorr Type-2 for 3" Focusers - VIP-3010

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About the TeleVue BIG Paracorr Type-2 for 3" Focusers...

All Newtonian and Dobsonian telescopes can benefit from using a Tele Vue Paracorr (Parabola Corrector) to eliminate coma in the image. One aspect to optimizing this correction is the distance of the eyepiece's focus point (field stop location) to the last surface of the Paracorr lens (within a small +/- tolerance of course). Typical eyepieces used with fast Newtonians can have field stop locations differing by as much as half an inch. To accommodate for the differences, Tele Due has developed the "Tunable Top."

The "Tunable Top" permits optimized aberration control for all Tele Vue eyepieces, and many others, by simply loosening a screw and rotating the Tunable Top. The eyepiece barrel height raises and lowers, allowing you to maintain the proper field stop to Paracorr lens distance.


TeleVue BIG Paracorr Type-2 Features...


  • Designed by Paul Dellechiaie


  • Topped with a "stop" flange having 3.40"-24 pitch threads to mount camera adapters and spacer tubes


  • Benefits for imaging applications by amateurs and professionals using CCD formats as large as 52mm diagonal and paraboloids as fast as f/3


  • Back focal length has been extended to 80mm to allow for additional accessories to be placed in the optical path


  • If you have a 35mm format DLSR or CCD camera, this adapter also accepts Tele Vue Imaging System accessories


TeleVue BIG Paracorr Type-2 Specifications...

Equipment Type: Paracorr

Design: Type-2

Barrel Size: 3"

TeleVue Product Number: VIP-3010