Vixen AX103S ED f/8.0 Refractor Telescope OTA - 26144

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About the Vixen AX103S ED f/8.0 Refractor Telescope OTA...

The new Vixen AX103S, f/8.0 Refractor is a unique Vixen Telescope design. It features a three element objective lens, incorporating a central ED lens which means reduced chromatic aberration and higher contrast images. Combine with a Vixen Telescope Mount for excellence in astrophotography!


The rear Field Corrector Lens on the Vixen AX103S ED Refractor OTA helps to deliver tack sharp images to all the way to the edges of the field of view. What'''s more, Vixen Optics Telescopes applies "Precision Multi-Coating" to the lenses. This assures high light transmission and the best in contrast. To make a sweet Vixen Telescope even sweeter, it has a built-in Dual Speed Focuser which enables both coarse and fine focus adjustments.


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Vixen AX103S ED f/8.0 Refractor Telescope OTA Features...


  • Built-in dual speed focuser for both coarse and fine focus adjustments



  • Incorporates an ED (extra low dispersion) glass element in the objective lens



  • Very little chromatic aberration



  • Produces tack sharp images from edge-to-edge



  • Precision Multi-Coatings ensure the best in light transmission and high contrast images



Vixen AX103S ED f/8.0 Refractor Telescope OTA Specifications...

Optical Design: Refractor

Aperture: 103mm

Focal Ratio: f/8

Number of Elements: 4

Optical Tube Dimensions: 103mm x 825mm/ 4 x 32.4 in

Focuser Design: Internal dual speed

Optical Coatings: Precision Multi-Coating

Vixen Product Number: 5867