Antares 2" 7-Piece Color Filter Set - 2FS1

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Antares 2" Color Filter Set - 7 Pieces - Planetary

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  • Antares Planetary Multipurpose 2" Filter Set
  • Includes 7 each, 2" Filters
  • Not parfocal
  • Includes 7 Planetary Color Filters

The Antares 2FS1 Color Filter Set is a 2" eyepiece filter set for all astronomy planetary observing and imaging applications. Color filters enhance planetary imaging. Every refractive system, (such as lenses, correctors, eyepieces etc.) produce some Chromatic Focal Shift: The different colors focus on different planes. By isolating one color more detail will become apparent. Always use a contrasting color to what you are observing. Use 2" filters in adapters, diagonals, or 2" eyepieces, etc. Set (7) 2" Filters: #11, #12, #15, #21, #23A, #56, #80A


Antares Model No: 2FS1
Filter Types: #11 green, #21 orange, #12, #15, #23A, #56, #80A