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Astrozap Aluminum Dew Shields for Celestron Telescopes

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About AstroZap Aluminum Dew Shields

Are you tired of dew cutting your observing evenings short? Would you give anything if you could block that annoying side light from your neighbor's house? Now you can serve two purposes with one tool - the AstroZap Aluminum Dew Shield.


Astrozap created the ultimate rigid dew shield, made of lightweight welded aluminum and powder-coated to dress up your telescope for the occasion. Astrozap aluminum dew shields even match the color of Meade and Celestron telescopes. All AstroZap Aluminum Dew Shields are made of durable welded-seam aluminum and the interior is felt-lined to reduce moisture and keep extraneous light from reaching the optics. Paired with heavy duty threaded inserts and nylon thumbscrews means your AstroZap Aluminum Dew Shield will have a secure fit onto the corrector plate rim.

Don't wait another night... Get an AstroZap Aluminum Dew Shield and kiss dew goodbye!


AstroZap Aluminum Dew Shield for Celestron Features...

  • Increase image contrast while shielding your telescope''s optics from dew.  
  • Astrozap Aluminum Dew Shields are constructed from lightweight welded aluminum for extreme durability.
  • Powder-coated matching paint dresses your telescope for the occasion!
  • Astrozap Aluminum Dew Shield attaches to your telescope with non-marring nylon thumbscrews.
  • Black felt interior lining helps to absorb moisture and stray light.


AstroZap Aluminum Dew Shield for Celestron Specifications...

Equipment Type: Dew Shield

Style: Hard

Construction: Aluminum

Color:  Your choice of Black or Grey