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Astrozap Standard Dew Shield Caps for Telescopes - Black

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About the AstroZap Standard Dew Shield Cap - Black...

Have you ever wished you could just leave your dew shield right on your telescope when closing up your observatory for the night? Are you tired messing around with your astronomy accesories just to remove your telescope's dew shield for a short period of time? Does it get old having to rebalance your telescope just to put the dust cap back on the optics? Now you can leave your telescope's dew shield on for as long as you want and still protect your optics...

Slap an Astrozap Dew Shield Cap on it!

Astrozap aluminum dew shield caps were made specifically to fit Astrozap aluminum dew shields and come in a wide variety of sizes. The Astrozap Dew Shield Caps are made from 18 gauge aluminum and powder coated black to match your AstroZap shield. End the hassles and cap it up!


AstroZap Standard Dew Shield Cap - Black Features...


  • Leave your dew shield on the telescope when you''re done observing.


  • Astrozap Dew Shield Cap protect your optics from dust and bugs.


  • Crafted from 18 gauge aluminum and powder coated black.


  • The Astrozap Dew Shield Cap was designed to fit Astrozap Aluminum Dew Shields.


AstroZap Standard Dew Shield Cap - Black Specifications...

Equipment Type: Dew Shield / Dust Cap

Application: Dew Shields or Optical Tubes

Construction: 18 gauge aluminum

Color: Black