Collection: Solar Observation & Photography

Safely observe the Sun with our huge selection of solar telescopes, solar filters, solar binoculars, and solar glasses!  You'll also find a variety of solar accessories, such as solar eyepieces, blocking filters, solar finders, and Baader solar film for covering your own binoculars, finderscopes, telescopes, and more.

Remember, you MUST use safe solar products when viewing the Sun or you will damage your eyes!  The only time you can safely look at the Sun unaided is the few precious minutes when it is 100% eclipsed by the Moon during a rare Total Eclipse of the Sun.  Any other time, you can enjoy our closest star (the Sun) through inexpensive solar eclipse glasses, solar binoculars, a telescope that has been fitted with a proper white light or h-alpha solar filter, or a high-end (but spectacular) h-alpha solar telescope.  

If you need help choosing the proper solar viewing equipment, contact Khan Scope Centre.

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  • Lunt Solar 7.2mm-21.5mm Zoom Solar Eyepiece - LS7-21ZE
  • Coronado Cemax 18mm Solar Eyepiece - 1.25" - CE18
  • Coronado Cemax 2X Solar Barlow Lens - 1.25" - BAR
  • Lunt Solar Solar Eyepiece Set - 1.25" - LSEPSET
  • Lunt Solar 8mm Solar Eyepiece - 1.25" - LS8E
  • Lunt Solar 27mm Solar Eyepiece - 1.25" - LS27E
  • Lunt Solar 19mm Solar Eyepiece - 1.25" - LS19E
  • Lunt Solar 16mm Solar Eyepiece - 1.25" - LS16E
  • Baader 2" Herschel Safety Wedge Solar Prism - Version "V" - HERSCH-V
  • Baader 2" Herschel Safety Wedge Solar Prism - Version "P" - HERSCH-P