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     One of the biggest problem I have found over the years with many amateur astronomers is convincing
them to invest in good eyepieces for their telescope equipment.

    And many times, even mediocre performing telescopes, can be vastly improved with a good quality

    If you stop and think about it, the eyepiece is approximately 50% of your telescope, because it's
the part you are observing, and that's where the buck stops.

You can have a remarkable optical telescope, but if you put poor quality eyepieces in the viewing
end, well it is just not going perform up to snuff.

     In my opinion, you should budget for at least 1 or 2 good eyepieces with any telescope you purchase
especially a mid range or top end piece of equipment.

In recent years, we have been getting better quality eyepieces from manufacturer's that cost less than
they ever did.

     Companies such as Explore Scientific,  TeleVue ,  Baader Planetarium,  just to name a few have pulled
out all stops in terms of pushing the envelope in  ocular  designs.

Anyway, if you have been wondering why you have not been getting the best views through your telescope,
take at look at what you have in eyepieces.

Remember, it's not quantity here but quality.

I would rather have three good quality eyepieces that covers 90% of my observing needs, than 10 mediocre
eyepieces, that might cover 100%.

Ok, rant over.

If you are just starting to look at upgrading eyepieces, then take a look at the newly released
Delite series from TeleVue.

   Try just one, and you will be sold on the difference it
can and will make by making your observing sessions far more enjoyable.

      Available in three different focal lengths:

Clear Skies,

Ray Khan


PS We also carry the full range of TeleVue eyepieces, including the Delos, Nagler, Panoptic and Ethos series.
If you are able to drop by the store, we can show you the difference quality makes.


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