Last year we sold a customer a really nice TeleVue 101is telescope,  which he was quite
delighted with.

   That is quite understandable of course, because it really is a brilliant instrument, and one
of the best telescopes of it's kind.

     He had also purchased the Televue Gibraltar Head slow motion  and it's  matching tripod.

Now we got the head from TeleVue, and then found out that they had discontinued the wooden tripod,
which was specifically manufactured for it.

      I searched and thought I had located another tripod that would do the job, but alas when
it arrived, no such luck.

I continued with the effort and ordered one a good quality one from a German firm, but
for some reason or another they were unable to supply it.

Now that really threw a spanner in the works!

     Well the customer really wanted to use the Gibraltar head, and since we were unable to resolve
the problem, and we couldn't get it sorted, I advised him to return it to the store and we would
give him a credit for it.

Now when he brought it into the store,  Alex figured out a way to immediately solve the problem
by using a Meade tripod which was pretty solid and would do a more than adequate job.

Alex really knows his onion's when it comes to telescopes.

Was the problem solved?


   We had  a happy customer, once again, and a little bit of "thinking out of the box" had saved the day.

Clear Skies,

Ray Khan

PS In case you might be wondering what "chuffed" in the subject line  means, well simply put: Proud.






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