Usually at the NEAF conference, they have a setup of Hydrogen Alpha telescopes set up in the courtyard,
and it's always fun to check all the different types and models of instruments out there.

Problem is, it seems it was always cloudy out there most Saturdays.

The guy that originally got the whole Solar demonstrations set up at NEAF was a fellow by the name
of  Robert Godfrey, or "Barlow Bob" as he was more affectionately known as.

He was a real fixture at the North Eastern Astronomy Forum.

     Sadly, Barlow Bob passed away in June of last year.

This year however, the clouds parted and it was sunny for most of the day at NEAF.

   Many amateur astronomers felt that Barlow Bob had looked down from the heavens and blessed
us with some clear skies.

Knowing Barlow Bob, I'm sure that's exactly the case.

His enthusiasm and love for solar astronomy is certainly missed in the astronomical community.

    And he sure was missed at NEAF this year.

      And right now we've got some huge saving on Coronado Hydrogen Alpha Telescopes.


Starting with the PST (Personal Solar Telescope) all the way up to the SolarMax 90 series.

May the sun shine it's everlasting light on you

Clear Skies,

Ray Khan






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