The current May/June Skynews Magazine has a detailed and excellent review of the Celestron NexStar Evolution telescope
starting on page 50 by Alan Dyer.

   It's well worth a read. 

The May/June edition of SkyNews magazine represents their 20th anniversary edition, and it's a
jam packed issue.

Congratulations to Editor Terence Dickinson, and his crew for a successful run, in the very tough magazine publishing

That's no easy feat!

       Don't forget, we have the first ever sale of the Nexstar Evolution running till Thursday April 30th only.

If you are considering one of these instruments, then be sure to check it out.

     Trade-ins are also welcome.

 .Offered in three sizes:


ï¾  ï¾  ï¾  ï¾ ï¾  You SAVE $275!

ï¾  ï¾  ï¾  ï¾  ï¾  You SAVE $290!

Clear Skies,

Ray Khan



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