Explore the Sun with Coronado Telescopes

With Huge Savings up to 20 %

Coronado telescopes

Coronado telescopes on sale!Hey Listen up. ï¾ Daytime astronomy is some of the most fun you can have.
Coronado Hydrogen Alpha telescopes were already reasonably priced, but now at these special
prices, it's really a no brainer.

We have a whole slew of models, starting the with most affordable PST (Personal Solar Telescope)

Or how about the ï¾ Coronado SolarMax II 60 H-Alpha Solar Telescope ?
Terrific for camping, hiking, picnics, the beach, vacations, or any other time you want to connect with the Sun.
You'll be seeing all kinds of ï¾ remarkable details as the sun changes on a daily basis. ï¾  Flares on the Sun's surface, and granulations.

Visually, you will observe flares that eject of the surface that will astound you.

Even the Solarmax 90 instruments are on sale as well, for those looking for the ultimate in performance.

Check out the complete list right here:
Grab yours for a price that's nice! ï¾  ï¾ Sale ends May 31st.


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