Hello {!firstname},

That's a really good question.

Now that the popular tv series the X Files will be coming back to television ,
(primarily because the guys in the suits can't think of anything new or original) it's not goingreally going to be the same.

     Sure, you can bet that most people who watched the original series, including myself will be lured into watching  at least
the first episode.

Maybe this time, Scully and Mulder will even hunt down the ever  elusive Bigfoot?

It's anybodies  guess.

  We'll just have to wait and see.

But here is something you won't have to wait for:

While solar activity is at an all time high,  you won't have to wait any longer for a really
cool sale on Coronado H alpha Solar telescopes.

   You can save up to 20% on many models.

Add to the fact that these instruments were already a good deal to begin with, and you really
can't go wrong!

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Clear Skies,

Ray Khan

PS Some shows will likely never go into another remake: For example, Leave it to Beaver
starring Tony Dow, and Jerry Mathers as the Beaver.





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