Hello {!firstname},

Awww crap.

Just as the Harper government finally committed it's share of close to 250 million dollars to the project,
the next day, construction has temporarily been halted.

Why, you ask?

    Well it seems that a group of local Hawaiians have organized a protest against it being built,
due to the land being sacred, and the mountains apparently not happy either.


    So, the project management agreed to stop construction for a week, so they could engage in some
dialogue with these folks.


Where's Jack Lord when you need him?

"Book 'em Danno! "

   Well, actually some of the protesters were arrested and carted off last week for illegally
preventing equipment from entering the construction site.

It seems scientific progress can be slowed down sometimes by superstitions and other beliefs.

Personally, I have nothing against these folks, and they are entitled to believe whatever they wish.

    However, I'd say they are a bit to late to the game on this one.

And the Universe waits for no one......

   What's also pretty exciting is that much of the design and construction of this new telescope
was done right here in Canada.

Clear Skies,

Ray Khan

PS In the old days, sacrifices would be made to appease the Gods, volcanoes, mountains or whatever!
      And I know what  some of you are thinking right now: "How about Senator Patrick Brazeau?".
     Tsk, tsk.  shame on you.



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