Turn your smartphone or tablet into your own personal planetarium and observatory!

Get WiFi Access to the Universe with the Celestron SkyQ Link 2 WiFi Module

. Simply plug it into your telescope's Hand Control or AUX port and connect to its wireless signal with your device

. Instantly, your system becomes a wireless hand controller for your telescope, guiding you through the alignment process and slewing to any celestial object with a simple tap!

As the Celestron SkyQ Link 2 WiFi Module slews your telescope to an object, you can listen to hundreds of included audio descriptions on your device, which explain the history, mythology, and key features of the most popular celestial objects.

Activate the Sky Tour feature and Celestron SkyQ Link 2 will display a list of the best objects to view based on your exact time and location.

There's no need to input GPS coordinates or set the time and date - SkyQ Link 2 takes this information directly from your device and takes you on a facinating journey through the heavens! 

Works with most models of Celestron Computerized telescopes.

See the list here:



In stock and ready to navigate its way toward you!

Only $115, to order call 416 783 4140 or 1 800 580 7160

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