Hello {!firstname},

The stellar graveyard.

Truly a fascinating study.

And you can learn much more about it  at the annual ASX symposium coming

The Astronomy and space exploration group (ASX) from the University of Toronto, has an
exciting roster of speakers lined up on Saturday January 23rd.

Khan Scope is pleased to be  a part sponsor of this event, and I do hope you are able to attend, if in the Toronto
area, {!firstname}.



The presenters are:

Doctor Christian Ott from California Institute of Technology,  Professor Samar Safi-Harb from University of Manitoba,
and Professor Harvey Richer from University of British Columbia.

Want to know more?

Here is the link to get tickets: http://asx.sa.utoronto.ca/2014/12/17/asx-12th-annual-symposium-stellar-graveyard

Clear skies,

Ray Khan

PS Don't forget we have the Celestron Solar System imager in stock, and on sale right now.


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