Hello {!firstname},

The novelty of  old man winter wears off pretty quickly.

After spending half the morning either shoveling or blowing snow off the driveway,
well let's just say, I'll be glad when winters over.

According to the Farmer's almanac, it's going to be another long, cold one.

Hey, don't shoot me...I'm just the messenger!

Anyway, since it's sooooo cold in Toronto today, here's a joke from the late
great Johnny Carson and his sidekick, Ed McMahon.

Johnny: Man, is it cold out there today.

Ed: How cold is it?

Johnny: Well, on my way in this afternoon, I couldn't help but notice an exhibitionist on the corner, and it's so cold, he was flashing a drawing of himself.

Now, I wouldn't want you to get caught on out in the cold, {!firstname}.
so here's some details on a hot new promotion we have, on Explore Scientific telescopes.

You can read all about it right here:


Clear Skies,

Ray Khan

PS Just in case you don't know who Johnny Carson was, he was only one of the most brilliant
     late night talk show host's of all time.  The king of the talk show host's you could say.





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