Hello {!firstname},

What a brilliant weekend in Toronto it was.

Sun was shining, and seems' like everyone was out on patio's or
just enjoying the day.

I was treated to a nice brunch, by my daughter, Chantal at one of my fave brunch
places in the city,  Cafe Amore, on world famous Yonge Street, Sunday.

 Chantal is a journalist. I  told her about the ridiculous question that another 
"journalist " (my quotations marks) had asked a  Russian female cosmonaut recently, and  I wrote about
in Sunday's email.

She said this sort of thing is quite common, and it goes on all the time.

Actually, it's just not male journalist's either.  Some female journalist's play the sexist game too.

Go figure!

Chantal will be covering the upcoming Toronto elections, which has turned into a three ring circus,
and equally as entertaining.

It's hard to believe that grown adults can act this way sometimes.

Clear Skies,

Ray Khan

PS Tommorow is the last day of September. Egads, where has the time gone???
     And it's also the last day of some   promotions, which you can see here.






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