Hello {!firstname},

Living in the city has it's modern conveniences.

You don't think twice about flipping the thermostat in the Winter.

In the North country, it's a bit different.

Our home is heated with a wood burning fireplace.

That means, you have to stack wood, make kindling to start the wood fire, and it's part
and parcel of the daily routine.

You don't need a gym membership here. Living day to day is a workout.

Nothing that a glass of red wine evening won't cure.

Now, I've only threatened to buy my sweetie a chainsaw a couple of times
for Christmas. ;-)

{!firstname}, I almost bought one recently, at our local distributor, but they must have taken me for a city slicker.

 The female sales clerk, smiled and said:  "Here you go Mr. Khan, how about this nice
electric chainsaw? It comes with a rechargeable lithium battery."

 Can you believe it? 

Heck, that's not what I saw in the movie   the " Texas Chainsaw massacre"!

Can you imagine the dude running killing people, then saying "er...excuse me, I gotta go recharge my lithium battery"?

Neither could I.

And speaking of massacres,  till September 30th, we've "massacred" the prices on Celestron entry level imaging

Gotta run, and clean out the fireplace.

Clear Skies,

Ray Khan

Here is the link again to the sale: http://www.khanscope.com/newEquipList.cfm?catID=1&subCatID=18&manID=2



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