Hello  {!firstname},

My England includes Scotland,

With the historic vote taking place today over the pond, I do hope that the  "No vote" wins.


Well, imagine Canada without Quebec. (Ok, I know what some of you are imagining right now, so maybe 
that was not the best question.)

Now personally, I'm not fond of Haggis, a very popular dish for the Scottish.

But, just like Seal Flipper Pie in Newfoundland, I tried it once, just in case.

My main reasoning though, is that it's always better to try to bring people together, no matter how 
different they are. in terms of culture. 

For example: I love Sugar Pie, a dessert from La Belle Provence.  Yum!

In the end, the Scot's will decide their future.

Her Majesty, the Queen said it best:  "Think carefully before you vote".

Clear Skies,

Ray Khan

PS Summer might be almost over, but we're here to warm things up with a Meade Telescope Sale! 
      And that's definitely a "YES" vote! 



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