Hello {!firstname}.

What's better than dark skies?

 How about an Explore Scientific Telescope rebate sale? 

Explore Scientific telescopes are the real deal. Not only are the optics top notch, but they are made with care.
Founded by Scott Roberts (formerly of Meade Instruments for many years), the Company has really built
a reputation for quality products.

That's not sales fluff, that's fact.


From now until the end of October is your chance to save cash when you purchase an Explore Scientific Telescope. The "Dark Skies Rebate Promotion" is cutting prices on Carbon Fiber ED APO Telescopes up to $700 and Air-Spaced Doublet Refractor Telescopes up to $100! Here's what we have to offer:

 To order Call 1 800 580 7160 or local 416 783 4140

Clear Skies,{!firstname}.

Ray Khan

PS These Explore Dark Skies Promo Sales only last until October 31st, so enjoy them soon!

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