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With all the activity taking place on the Sun these last few days, here is a quick reminder that time is running out
on your opportunity to grab one of these value priced Coronado Solar telescopes.

Yep, observing the Sun is a daytime activity with A Coronado Solar telescope, and they are 100% safe to use.

It opens up a whole new facet to the hobby of amateur astronomy.

Perfect if you can't stay up and party with the star's late at night.

You can save 10% off any of the models listed below right now.

Remember though, Offer ends Monday Sept 15th.

Clear Skies,

Ray "feeling the heat" Khan

PS We are open Sunday! Call us 1 800 580 7160 or 416 783 4140, if you have any questions or want to
    place an order.

  This offer ends Monday September 15th.

take advantage of very hot savings on some of the best Coronado H-alpha telescopes! Here's what we have to offer...

Remember, this Offer ends Monday  September 15!

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