Hello {!firstname},

Alison Redford walked  up to the Bar.....(yes, it's lame, so I'll quit while I'm ahead).

People love to make jokes about lawyers, especially if they ever had to deal with one.

I'm happy to say I've had positive experiences with the ones I've dealt with over the years.

 I dropped by the store this past weekend, on Saturday,
and had the pleasure of running into longtime Khanscope friend and customer Bob Stikeman.

Now Bob's a lawyer, and an astroimager.

And a pretty good one at that. 

He didn't start out that way though.    However, being a lawyer, he does pay attention to detail,
and as a result, he makes sure he dot's his "I's" and his "T"'s carefully when taking astroimages.

In other words he uses a routine. Same thing every time.

And he gets some pretty darn good results.

You can see his recent  image of M51 here:   http://www.khanscope.com/astrophotoDetails.cfm?astrophotoID=83

That's why lawyers make good astroimagers.  They pay attention to detail.

But hey, you don't have to be a lawyer to be an astroimager.

You do need a few things: The proper equipment and quality imaging gear.

Some people think you have to spend a lot on imaging gear to get started.

You don't.

Right now we have a whole bunch of Celestron imagers on sale, and you can see the list here.

Seriously, you can actually get started for around $100.  

I kid you not.

Check out the list here: http://khanscope.com/newEquipList.cfm?catID=1&subCatID=18&manID=2

Clear Skies,

Ray Khan

PS  If you plan to drop by Starfest  in Mount Forest Onario this year, both Bob and I will be there, stop by   the Khan Scope Centre booth to say "Hello"!.



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