Hello {!firstname},

                                    Meade Triplet Apochromatic Refractors with no prices? 


Yes,  I truly made a blunder yesterday when I forgot to include the prices for the Meade Triplet Apochromatic
Refractors I mentioned in yesterday's email.

            I think I got distracted by watching the snow falling once again, here in the city of Toronto, and not
looking forward to having to drive in it.

Thanks to reader Phil Champagne (who by the way is in some Sunny Climate South somewhere )and not having to
deal with this roguish, rude growing, death token of a Winter we've been having so far.

   So here you go:

Please click the link below for more product information and specs:

Meade 80mm Triplet APO  Package:   Regular Price:  $1070.  On sale for $970-  You save $100!

Meade 115mm Triplet APO Package:  Regular Price: $2140.  On sale for $2025- You save $115!

Meade 130mm Triplet APO Package:  Regular Price: $3210.  On Sale for $3075. You save $135!

Any further questions?

Just hit "reply" to this email and let me know.

Clear skies,

Ray "APO" Khan

PS And a salient reminder that this offer ends at the stroke of midnite, March 31st.

PPS Mayor Rob Ford certainly "entertained" millions of Americans and Canadians
        the other evening with his appearance on the Jimmy Kimmel show to "promote"
        the city of Toronto.  In fact, he only really promoted himself for re-election.







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