Hello {!firstname},

                   Amateur Astronomers can now rejoice.

     We just received this exciting new accessory, from our buddy Rock Mallin, and it's in stock at Khanscope, 

The New MALLINCAM DVF is a special Digital View Finder compatible with all astronomical video ccd cameras.

You can read all about it right here..........and as an introduction special there is a savings of $49, if you act now.

Use it in the field, or at star parties at night.

During the daytime it can take your Solar observing to a whole new comfort level.

Tired of people grumbling about your monitors at Star Parties?  This solves the problem.

Am I excited? You bet....and you will be too.

Clear Skies,

Ray "Go Canada Go"  Khan

PS Whose gonna get up tomorrow morning at 6am to watch the Can/USA Olympic, soon to he historic, hockey game?
      Imagine going to the local Pub (well, in Toronto anyway) and having a beer with your Bacon and eggs. If that       isn't being a true Canadian, {!firstname}, then I really don't know what is.  ;-)



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