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The Rosetta Probe has awoken,  after travelling over 800 million miles.

     Some theories suggest that life on earth began with a Comet. 

Large enough to have planted the seeds of life on the earth, after having landed here. 

That's why the Rosetta Spacecraft,  landing a probe onto a Comet's surface shortly,
is going to a very remarkable feat indeed.

    It's the first time this has actually happened.

What's also exciting is that the Rosetta Spacecraft will be conducting experiments
while the probe digs deep into the soil of the Comet itself.

   The comet itself is only 4km.  So, it's quite a feat to land a probe on it.

We could learn a lot about the origins of life in the universe, and of course
the building blocks of the universe itself.

    Truly we live in interesting times.

Now, just wait for the nutcases to come out of the woodwork, and start claiming that this particular Comet
  called  Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko, will mean the destruction of the
earth, and is the "deathstar" and the "end is nigh".

  But they also said the Universe was only 6000 years old...yeah, right......

   Clear Skies,

Ray Khan

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