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     Well, frankly since the one in Toronto closed down several years ago (McLaughlin Planetarium at the Royal Ontario Musem),

we really do need another planetarium in the GTA.

Here is why: Many kids and young adults living in the city have no clue whatsoever about the night sky.

They are simply not exposed to it.

That loss of connection with the wondrous universe just isn't there.

And that's just plain wrong.....

Also, exposing children to Science, and also the possibility of a career in that field; just planting a seed is all it takes.

I could go on and on........

However, the Earthshine Astronomy and Space Science organiziation in Mississauga, (a not for profit charity)
wants to change all this.

How? By building a small planetarium that will contribute towards the benefit of the public education in these

To learn more about how you can help, or to find out more, simply visit  www.earthshineastronomy.ca

Enjoy your Sunday!

Ray Khan

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