Good Morning {!firstname},
There is a pretty good chance if you're reading this... aren't dead.

I'm not ready to jump on the Mayan bandwagon just
yet. Because I'm pretty sure the Mayans got this one
wrong.  and we will still be around after Midnite tonite.

However, just in case they are right, and the world does end today
December 21st, we have a special offer for you.

Buy a telescope, binocular or accessory today December 21st, and if the world
does happen to end today, we will give you your money back, and you
get to keep the product, at no charge.

It's that simple!

Now, it's highly unlikely the world will end today, or tommorow for that

Or even the day after that!

In fact, it's more than unlikely the world will end before you and I do.

Anyway, our offer stands regardless,

Clear Skies,

Ray Khan

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