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StarShoot HD Video/Web Broadcasting Camera [52099]

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About the Orion StarShoot HD Video/Web Broadcasting Camera...

Scan the starry skies in 1080p HD resolution with the Orion StarShoot HD Video/Web Broadcasting Camera! Using this versatile high-definition video camera with a is a great way to broadcast your astronomical observing sessions over the internet, so you can easily share your stargazing experiences with friends and family all over the World Wide Web. Or attach the camera to an HD television, projector, or monitor display to see real-time Orion Telescope views in high-definition!


The Orion StarShoot HD Video/Web Broadcasting Camera is ideal for community outreach events and educational purposes, since you can easily share the skies with multiple people in crisp HD resolution on an HD display. This Orion CCD Camera includes a standard definition video capture device for use right out of the box. For high-definition image capture, a separate HD video capture device is required (sold separately).


This easy to use, sophisticated high-resolution solar system video astrophotography camera features a 1/3" Sharp color CCD sensor with 3.75 micron pixels. Due to the small pixel size, this video camera works best on solar system objects like the Sun (with a properly fitting protective solar filter installed), Moon and planets. The Orion StarShoot HD Video/Web Broadcasting Camera is great for monitoring planets like Jupiter for potential asteroid or comet impacts, moon shadow transits, and more. (For deep space observations, we recommend our StarShoot Deep Space Video Camera II, sold separately, since its sensor features larger 8.4x9.8 micron pixels.)


The Orion CCD Camera''s precise HD sensor is complemented by Orion'''s exclusive Mac/Windows software suite which makes web broadcasting and image-capture nice and easy. With electronic shutter speed settings ranging from 1/10000s up to a single 8-second long exposure at 60 frames per second (FPS) refresh rate, the Orion StarShoot HD Video/Web Broadcasting Camera is delightfully versatile.


Capabilities include:

-live, uncompressed, high-speed, real-time astronomical digital video

-direct to web broadcasting

-NTSC or PAL input from the same device for easy international use

-full uncompressed SDI digital or analog output

-selectable color or black & white output

-CVBS NTSC/PAL, HD-SDI (292M) and HDMI/DVI video output


Camera features include:

-built-in IR filter

-digital noise reduction

-eclipse and negative functions

-sharpness adjustment

-cross hairs

-overlaid text


-user-editable quick-set presets

-progressive scan


All camera controls can be performed either directly, using buttons on the back of the Orion CCD Camera body itself, or with the included Mac/Windows control software. Can be operated by computer or in standalone mode, with proper display connected.


Standard resolution video can be displayed on a standard TV or on your Mac/Windows PC or laptop using the included standard resolution capture device. To view in HD resolution, use either a broadcast industry HD-SDI monitor or use the included HDMI converter and cable to display on HD TV'''s, HD projectors, and even DVI input equipped computer monitors (an HDMI-to-DVI adapter is required). The included HD Converter Box allows for a single cable to provide power, video, and camera control over long distances; and to convert the HD-SDI video signal into standard HDMI signal for home appliances.


Along with the camera itself, the Orion StarShoot HD Video/Web Broadcasting Camera comes with a host of useful items including:

-50ft BNC cable

-50ft RCA cable

-50ft Serial extension cable

-20ft HDMI cable

-24V power adapter

-1.25" Eyepiece Adapter (nosepiece)

-SD Video Capture device and Software (Mac and Win)

-RS-232 USB to serial device (Mac and Win)

-HDMI Converter box (one cable solution for power, video and computer control)

-Orion Capture and Computer Control Software Suite (Mac and Win)


NOTE: Capable of displaying the view through your Orion Telescope on an HD display in high definition. Includes a standard definition Video Capture device which allows recording of the view through your telescope in standard definition.



Orion StarShoot HD Video/Web Broadcasting Camera Features...


  • High-definition astrophotography video camera boasts 1080p/720p HDMI output resolution



  • Versatile live-observation tool ideal for personal and community outreach use



  • Great for displaying real-time, HD video of objects in our solar system



  • Wide shutter speed range from 1/10000s up to a single 8-second long exposure at 60 frames per second (FPS) refresh rate



  • Includes standard definition Video Capture Device. For high-definition capture, a separate HD Video Capture Device is required (sold separately - coming soon)



    Orion StarShoot HD Video/Web Broadcasting Camera Specifications...

    Best for imaging: Solar, lunar & planetary

    Imaging sensor: Sharp sCMOS

    Imaging sensor size: 1/3"

    Pixel array: 1280 x 1024 (1,310,720 total)

    Pixel size: 3.6 x 3.6

    Imaging chip: Color Video

    Video frame rate: 60

    Autoguider capability: No

    Exposure range: 0-8 seconds

    A/D conversion: 16 bit

    Thermoelectric cooling: No

    IR filter: Yes

    Mounting: 1.25" nozzle

    Software compatibility: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/Mac OS X

    Video format: NTSC & PAL

    Warranty: One year

    Orion Product Number 52099